Thursday, January 28, 2010

Air Travels

Airplane window  view to the earth, ground

Travel Photography (buy, print)

I like a lot everything about planes and airports, beginning with preparations, packing bags and drinking coffe in the airport. I like reading and listening to the music on board.

The process itself is really cool. Passport control is like a sci-fi portal, everything that's behind it - people, places. time - is absolutely different. You just leave behind all you have for a while. The place you fly to may have absolutely unusual life and different values. Every flight is a chance to compare what you are used to and what you've never seen, to understand what is trivial in our life and what are the universal values.

Well, I'm sorry about the people who spent all their life around "their place". Their horizons im most cases are narrow. Travel around the world as often as you can.

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