Monday, September 27, 2010

Samara Luka, Russia

Russian national park Samara LukaSamara Luka is one of Russia's most beautiful and accessible national parks. It lies on a picturesque place, where the Volga river makes a U-shape bend around Zhiguli mountains. It's only 50 miles away girl in Russian naturefrom Samara, one the major cities in European Russia. On both north and south Samara Luka adjoins the Volga river, which has been thankfully and blandly called Mother from ancient times. This quaint place saw numerous historical events and personalities of the USSR, Russian Empire and Ancient Russia.
boy in Russian national park
Well there's a lot I can speak about this place: it has a weird reputation among ufologists and magnetism reserchers, archaeologists find objects as old as 250 mln years. But today this is a place of beautiful unspoiled nature first of all. A place where you can enoy "real Russia" whith its wild forests, spot wild animals in natural life, climb the highest peak of Zhiguli mountains and enjoy amazing sunset over Volga river.

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