Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twitpics from Orbit

I've just come across an article about ISS crew twitpics from the space.

It has some amazing photos made with Nikon DSLR and 800mm lense. Amazing to see the results, but the photos look as close as Google Earth with just 800 mm!
The coolest is famous Golden Gates Bridge.
Golden Gates Bridge from space
The photo is made by astronaut Soichi Noguchi. He also tweeted this to Twitpics. Can't stop praising modern science and technologies. Could you imagine this - live picture (made and ouploaded by astonaut) of Haiti's Port-Au-Prince right after the earthquake.
Golden Gates Bridge from space

The 5 man crew comprising Expedition 22 aboard the ISS now have the capability to transmit live, unfiltered views and comments from space. And whats more is that starting on Feb. 1 they’ll be streaming live video from the outpost, orbiting some 220 miles above the earth while speeding along at 17,500 MPH.

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