Monday, April 5, 2010

Ellen Boughn mini-consulted me

Couple of days ago I had a mini-consult for photographers with Ellen Boughn. I prepared some info abt me and what I try to achieve in my photography business, links to my Travel Stock Photography website. The time zone difference b\w my and Ellen towns was 13 hours, but we scheduled the time and had a talk via Skype. Before the consultation Ellen reviewed my travel photos and started the consultation with analysis. The short conclusion for me would be "I have a lot to work on". Here are some photos Ellen said to be my best:

Geneva cafe photo

Railroad tracks photo

Sad girl among tourists

Even though we had only 30 min for the talk, Ellen really managed to make a good review of my works and concentrated on the most important issues, gave me some hints how to improve my works. We also discussed the situation in the industry, how to survive in it and (which is more difficult) how to start in professional league. Ellen seems to be pretty loyal to microstocks, which is not common nowadays among professionals of her level. :-)

To sum it up, Ellen is a great personality and professional. It was nice to meet her and real pleasure to talk to her. Sometimes we all need some fair and unbiased evaluation of what we do. That helps to understand the way other people see our work, which is extremely important for photography, which is all about seeing and transmitting what you see. When a professional like Ellen reviews your works, you don't just get a list of your drawbacks, but also valuable directions from a more experienced person.

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