Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Polish president dead

On Satuday I heard some shocking news from my friend and switched on news station here in Russia. That day we had only one story on TV: Polish President with his wife, army chiefs and most profound politicians (96 people including the plane crew) died in aircrash over Russia. They all were due to attend the Katyn memorial, where 20.000 polish oficers were murdered 70 years ago. In 1940 most of polish political and military elite died there. 70 years later that happened again with the same people in the same place.

It was hard to believe that fate can be so symbolic and even mocking. The tragedy repeated with only one difference - Russia's not to blame for that. Despite the critical attutude of Lech Kachinski to Russia, most Russians (incl. authorities) did their best to support the Poles and offered all they had to help Poland. Russians actually did what any decent person would do. And we were so amazed how Poles were touched by this sympathy and kind words from Russia. Yep, I can understand why. That was the first case in a century when Poland heard sincere and kind words from us. Generally it's not typicall of Russians to give away kind words all the time, which is sometimes seen as a sign of cruelty or something. In fact most Russians are very reserved and don't like to show their feelings, keeping those inside. But when they come outside, you'd be sure, it's the most sincere expression, not a fake or interest.

I only hope this moment of warming b\w Russia and Poland will be seized and we'll get rid of the past burdens.

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