Sunday, January 9, 2011

NatGeo Traveler

We often become self-critical when we don't stand up to scrutiny, because everyone wants to be perfect. Especially in career and at work. I really become self-deprecating sometimes. But when I see something like the last issue of NatGeo Traveler, I feel relief.

NatGeo Traveler cover
Even the world leading publishers are humans like all of us and despite all their professionalism they sometimes make blatant mistakes right on the cover. The magazine with circulation over 700.000 just forgot its logo on the front cover.

I wonder how much it cost to make 700.000 stickers and stick them to 700.000 magazines. Also what did they do to the man who was responsible for this flub? Hope this man is allright — I'm really thankful to him for this lesson.

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