Monday, March 1, 2010

Snowmageddon in Russia too

Well, older generation here in Russia says that all the bad stuff comes to us from the west. This time they proved right.
The American snowmageddon at last came to Russia - I've never ever seen so much snow in just 3 days, which traitorously coincided with long 4-day holidays.

Such days are great to teleport to, say, Grand Canyon. I just took Cirrus SR22 and flew over Grand Canyon village. Of course I took some pictures, here are couple:
Grand Canyon aerial photo
Grand Canyon unique photo
My Cirrus SR22 was a plane immitation option inside Google Earth and my photo camera was Print Screen button. I love Google, all their products and philosophy. It takes you to the future and makes you feel like a child, when you first use some of their programms. I don't know how they do that and how much work should be put into what they do, but I truely feel awe about Google, when I see real 3D terrain of Grand Canyon where I can walk into every minor spring or when flying over NYC skyscrapers which look like real.
This is truely amazing and fantstic! That's why I love Google.

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